Shrimp can cure allergies

Shrimp can cure allergiesEvery tenth inhabitant of the planet is forced to regularly take anti-allergic drugs, fleeing from hay fever and other allergic diseases. But, it turns out that nature has already created an effective cure for such diseases. As shown by researchers from Oxford University, as an antiallergic drug can be used: chitin extracted from the shells of normal shrimp. If you clean it up chemically homogeneous substance and to introduce into the body (for example, in the form of a nasal spray containing chitin microparticles), the immune system may react adversely to household dust and other allergens. "Preparations based on chitin should be much safer modern antiallergic agents and may even be used to treat young children," the scientists say. AskDoctor.Ru. Читать полностью -->

Computers dry eyes

Computers dry eyesJapanese scientists have found that a long stay in front of the screen can cause a very unpleasant eye disease - the so-called syndrome of "dry eye". In the report, researchers from the Association of ophthalmologists of Japan said that three out of four people whose work is inextricably linked with the computer, suffer from this disease. It is caused by drying of the tear fluid and the appearance of an eyeball of microcracks, leading to increased risk of eye infections. Researchers examined 1025 office clerks and found that 31.2% of the susceptible to the syndrome of "Dry eye", and 43.8% of the risk of them getting sick. These people spent in front of a computer screen not less than 5.2 hours per day. As it turned out, the risk for this disease are women who wear contact lenses. Читать полностью -->

Exudative diathesis

Exudative diathesisWhat is the General characteristic of the disease? Exudative diathesis - original functional state of the organism, characterized by increased irritability of the skin and mucous membranes, as amended by the adaptation to the external environment, reduced resistance to infections and ease of development of pathological processes. According to various authors, the frequency of exudative diathesis ranges from 24.3% to 54 % among children during the first 2 years of life. What are the causes and factors predisposing to the development of the disease? The disease is due to genetic factors (family history in 70-80% of children), age-related failure of fermentoobrazovanija, immaturity of immune protection. Predisposing factors: abortion, poor maternal nutrition, fetal hypoxia and damage to the Central nervous system in childbirth, drug abuse, feeding pattern and Allow other factors become, as a rule, food allergens. What are the characteristics of the disease? Exudative diathesis fickle in their clinical manifestations and flows in waves. Crises interspersed with periods of relative prosperity and more often in the winter. Читать полностью -->

Vegetarian diet as a way of dealing with "atypical pneumonia""

Vegetarian diet as a way of dealing with On the website of the society of natural medicine published an article by a famous Israeli Dr. Alexander Chuprun, which offers a highly original way of protection from the virus of atypical pneumonia" (SARS). As the author says, the term "atypical pneumonia" has come into practice in the 40-ies of the XX century and was used to describe pneumonia, difficult to treat sulfa drugs and penicillin. In recent years, a group of "atypical pneumonia" was added very different in their biology pathogens. Caused by infection differ significantly according to the clinical picture, epidemiology, the circulation of the pathogen and the ways they are transmitted. Despite these circumstances, the term "atypical pneumonia", not as a strictly scientific definition, quite firmly entrenched in medical practice. Читать полностью -->

Lugansk validol should be withdrawn from sale and storage

Lugansk validol should be withdrawn from sale and storageRussian companies working in the field of purchasing medicines abroad, you should pay attention to validol, released Luhansk chemical and pharmaceutical plant. This tablet drug series 371102003, 372102003 (0.06 grams) Lugansk production according to the order of the State Inspectorate for quality control of medicines of the Ministry of health of Ukraine dated 13 November 2003 banned the possession, sale and use. The reason for this decision lies in the reduced content of esters and isovalerianic methylethylketone acids, as well as validol in the specified series of the drug. The state Inspectorate for quality control of medicines of the Ministry of health of Ukraine prescribes the companies, firms, medical facilities, stores, implements and applies validol this production, within 10 days after receipt of orders check availability of these drugs, and if detected, to stop their further promotion in the market, informing the inspection. . Читать полностью -->

Scared the causative agent of mad cow disease improved

Scared the causative agent of mad cow disease improvedIn Japan discovered a new causative agent of mad cow disease or spongiform encephalopathy, which may be invisible to existing test systems. The pathogen was detected in 23-month ox named Holstein. The first analysis confirmed the infection, but the second test was negative. The use of other techniques definitively proved the presence of mad cow disease in the animal. As it turned out later, Holstein was sick new version of spongiform encephalopathy. Dedicated issledovatelyami the mutation causative agent of this disease is otherwise responds to the enzymes that destroy all previously known agents of mad cow disease. Читать полностью -->

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